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European Quality Assurance FRamework for VET NRP, Rețele parteneriale: REȚEAUA 7. Industrie Textilă și PielărieLink

EQAVET-NRP-RO 2019-2022

Green your schoolLink

eTwinning, 2020-2021

Be a responsible citizenLink

eTwinning, 2020-2021

Online Orientation for YouthLink

Erasmus+ KA226, 2020-2022

Internet of Things for new business ( Internet of Everything) Link

Programul Erasmus+ KA202, 2018-2020

Improving skills, increasing professional opportunities Link

Programul Erasmus+KA102, 2018-2020

Youth and training for successful career Link

Programul Erasmus+KA102, 2017-2019

Yale Model-school should be a place where everyone likes to be Link

Programul Erasmus+KA101, 2015-2017

Profesor format-elev motivat-progres scolar si personal asigurat Link

Programul LLP-LdV-PLM, 2013-2015

Practical training in a real economic environment for the development of specific professional competences at a European level in the field of Tourism and Alimentation Link

Programul LLP-LdV-IPT, 2011-2013

ROSE: Impreuna pentru succes scolar Link

Programul ROSE, runda 2

Cross Border ROBO TECH Link